Mah Siew Keong: I am a victim of cyber bully, errors made in speech doctored to go with pornographic visuals

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(KUALA LUMPUR, 9 Jan) Gerakan president Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong lamented that he is the latest victim of cyber bully after his speech made in Mandarin was doctored into a one-minute video clip to be circulated on social media.

The clip, which highlighted mistakes he made in the speech, was edited to include pornographic visuals and insulting remarks.

Despite facing ridicules, Mah said he would not give up learning Mandarin due to the errors he made in speech but to practice more instead so that he would be able to deliver Chinese speech in public especially at places where the majority of the audience is Chinese.

Mah, at the Malaysia Palm Oil Council, responded to the errors made in speech and said he would continue to brush up his Mandarin.

During the MCA-Gerakan Stronger Together joint – rally where Mah has made several mistakes for using wrong terms such as referring ‘bullet’ as ‘egg’ (zi dan as ji dan). When asked by reporter, he said it was an honest mistake and he corrected it immediately.

Mah said during the 40-minute speech he delivered at the MCA-Gerakan Stronger Together joint-rally, he made three mistakes but someone with vested interest has taken them out of context.  He predicted more personal attacks would appear during General Election and disregard debate on delivery and policies.

He has attempted to deliver his entire speech in Mandarin. During the 40-minute speech, he made three mistakes and the mistakes have since been doctored into a one-minute clip and went viral on internet.

“This is a real example of internet is king. The highlight of my speech is about how to make Malaysia a greater country, a more united society and reduce hatred. The content of the speech was not circulated online but the three mistakes went viral.

“I am shocked by leaders who insulted others with degrading remarks but not subjected to criticisms. This indicates more personal attacks would occur during General Election but not on policy and result achieved by candidates.”

Mah admitted that he did not undergo Chinese education and hence his Mandarin is not very good. He has been diligently learning the language. He said: “When everyone one is sleeping, I am still practicing to speak in Mandarin. I admit that my Mandarin is not perfect. I will continue to improve my Mandarin.”