Small profit but quick turnover can lift the burden of the Rakyat

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During this economic recession, everybody feels the pinch. It is normal to pay RM6 to RM7 for a plate of chicken rice. The consumers are complaining of being over charged while businessmen are also complaining the price hike in goods forcing the basic cost of everything to increase.

Everyone is complaining about the price of goods but life goes on as usual. Items which are likely to increase in price did increase but items which are not supposedly to increase also follow the trend.

However in Sungai Petani Kedah, a single mother is selling her chicken rice for RM1 at the night market to help the poor who cannot afford to buy a meal. She hopes that with a mere RM1, it can fill the hungry stomach of the poor.

Breakthrough of the harsh competition 

This is a real and true story which moves the public. The RM1 chicken rice seller cum single mother does not only serve delicious chicken rice generously but also has a heart full of charity towards others.

In term of market economy, such breakthrough of the harsh competition by selling huge volumes with minimum profit is a right marketing strategy as well as a good sales promotion technique. The sale of RM1 chicken rice can generate a huge volume in sales. The amount of profit can offset the losses and the business can still make some profit in the end.

However in our country there is a unique culture of “teh tarik economy”. If the price of one kilogram of sugar increased by 10 cent, those greedy proprietors would give an excuse to increase the price of a cup of their teh tarik by 10 cent too.

Such phenomenon is seen to be a norm in our country. Shopkeepers tried all means and excuses to rationalize their reason to increase prices. The public grudgingly accepted it. Although the consumers are not happy, they would not fight back.

Complain to the authority for any irrational charges

Therefore, consumers should lodge complaints to the Department of Domestic trade and Consumerism if they are forced to pay for irrational charges. If the situation remains unchanged, the public can boycott the said traders. This is to teach the unscrupulous traders a lesson.

In the era of price hikes, the RM1 chicken rice cannot make much profit but looking at another perspective if anyone can fill the stomach and make someone happy, it is more valuable than raking in huge profit.

Hopefully such kind and charitable spirit can be promoted to encourage more traders to join in the wagon of lowering the price of their goods. Let’s promote the “RM1 chicken rice” model so that consumers can enjoy the benefit.

Original Source: 薄利多銷體恤民困