Tun Mahathir’s jokes

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Malay Mail Online

Malay Mail Online

Tun Mahathir said if Pakatan won the coming general election and if he took over, he promised freedom of expression and of the press.

Tun Mahathir is good in cracking jokes. As a former prime minister, it is unlikely that he would lie. But it is not unusual for politicians to lie. Based on his current position, is he talking as a politician who refuses to retire, or an “expired” prime minister? People have to put on their thinking cap and see whether he means what he says.

Frankly, whether it is a lie or untruth, the open verdict of those who have lived under his reign for 22 years is: “not a joke, not a lie, it’s pure nonsense!”

If we analyze his words and his acts, Tun Mahathir’s promise does not hold water. There are too many contradictions. At the recent Pribumi Bersatu annual General Meeting, he declared he would allow freedom of expression and freedom of the press. But he contradicted himself by banning the press from reporting the debate at the meeting. Isn’t it clamping down press freedom?

Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin in an interview with The Star lambasted Mahathir for his “Bugis piracy” talk. After the Sultan’s reprimand, Tun Mahathir reacted by returning the two royal awards given by the Selangor Palace.

This means that Tun Mahathir could not accept the Sultan’s view and advice, a reflection of his tyrannical mindset. Based on his extreme reaction against the palace, just think what would be our situation if he was in power and people criticized him?

Original Source: 敦马的笑话