Voters are always the losers

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Political parties and NGOs are shouting that our electoral system is unfair.

Political parties only bother about fairness for themselves, and never consider fairness to the voters.

Maybe some ignorant or lazy ordinary folks assumed that the interest of the voters and political parties are the same. Thinking that being unfair to political parties is then tantamount to being unfair to the voters. In fact their interests are of vast difference. It could be said that the suffering of the voters were caused by the political parties.

Under the present system (including election, but not limited to election) the voters are the biggest victims. They were helplessly cheated, misled and betrayed by political parties and politicians.

Recently Hadi Awang proposed to have two cabinets. One cabinet comprises only Muslims in charge of making policies whereas the other cabinet by non-Muslims which is in charge of implementation. It’s really exasperating!

We hated such system but we were tricked to support the said party in the election.

Political parties pretended to be united as an alliance, once they cheated the votes they split and severe ties, but what about the interest of the voters? Votes casted could not be withdrawn. In the case of money being cheated, one can always lodge a police report but in the case of votes being cheated, whom can the voters lodge a report to?

The greatest betrayers are politicians who betrayed the trust of the voters by hopping to another party.

A few years ago there was celebration of change of Perak state government. However, very soon one by one of the lawmakers defected to another party which led to another change of the state government. These politicians are heartless and have no sense of justice. They defected to another party without consulting the voters. What can the voters do other than cursing them on the streets?

It could not be said that the system is unfair to the political parties because the lawmakers are given the opportunity to be VIPs enjoying all the benefits given to them.   The end point is the voters are always the losers.

Original Source: 選民永遠吃虧