Who is the real “king”, Mahathir or Anwar?

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Straits Times

Straits Times

Mahathir said he would be the prime minister again for not more than two years to sort out government issues and left the post. Sounded great and the old Chinese saying that a good horse would not return to graze does not apply to him here.

Why take up the premiership only for two years? If he is doing well, why not continue? If it is due to age problem, he is 92 now, how much difference is there in two years when he is 94?

All these are just excuses. Just like a cheating lover sweet-talking to an innocent girl. The important thing is to get her to the bed. What happens when the objective is achieved? Well, I would be the master and you would be the victim under my control.

For 22 years, he was the supremo. What he said was final whether the issue is big or small. As such, he changed his deputy prime ministers Musa, Ghafar and Anwar. The last one was the so-called “useless” Abdullah.

After Abdullah, Najib took over. Mahathir said Najib was his choice and therefore, Najib must listen to him.

Singapore founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew stated clearly in dealing with the succession issue. It’s Lee Hsien Loong after Goh Chok Tong. It is different in Malaysia. If Mahathir really wanted to give the seat to Najib, couldn’t he do it when he stepped down as according to his bullying way?

Mahathir does not like a snoring sleeping partner. This is his character which he never bothered to hide during his 22 years as the prime minister. Has he become more accommodating now?

If Malaysia is really going bankrupt and Mahathir said he needs just two years to revive it, what would happen if the “sickness” shows no signs of improvement, would he ask for another two more years?

One should know that cabinet members are all appointed by the prime minister. If none of them objected, adding another two more years would not be a problem.

Oh yes. Didn’t they said if Pakatan Harapan won the election, they would ask the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to give Anwar a royal pardon and after that a by-election would be arranged to make Anwar the prime minister? When was the plan changed?

What a mess. It’s a pity that there are still people who believe without questioning the promise made by Pakatan Harapan.

Nevertheless, Mahathir was only doing a monologue when he talked about the two-year premiership. There was no response from Pakatan, especially from PKR. But the issue should not be allowed to stay like this. Before the next election, Pakatan must make a serious declaration that who is their real choice of prime minister.