How independent is she?

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Malaysia Outlook

Malaysia Outlook

Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin Abdullah has decided to take part in politics and be an independent candidate in the coming election. Her so-called independent candidacy has however overturned a general perception.

Traditionally, an independent candidate would choose approved symbols like umbrella, bicycle or coconut tree. But Maria wants to openly borrow PKR’s “blue-eye” party flag.

An independent candidate would make her own choice to contest in a particular constituency. But Maria cannot decide for herself. She leaves it to Pakatan headed by Mahathir. Mahathir was evasive about this.

How independent is this kind of independence? She endorses the “blue-eye” but does not want to join the party. It is exactly like modern couples staying together but do not get married. They enjoy the intimacy but keep their single status.

She has already stated all her reasons to join politics. The irony is that she wants to campaign democratization under the leadership of Mahathir. Isn’t it sounds like asking the tiger for its skin?

In the beginning, she insisted Mahathir to apologize. Later, she tried to gloss over her own stand and eventually accepted the leadership of Mahathir. How helpless is she!

Some critics have started to attack her. My view is there is no reason to attack a person just because he or she has changed lane. But one could still scrutinize her past performance before she changed lane. In other words, people can scrutinize whether she rose up because she had cheated or because she had really done an honest job.

We saw a green activist changing lane in the last election. This time around we have Maria of the yellow army doing it. Campaigning NGO activities have become a short cut to achieving the ultimate goal of becoming a YB. However, different people should be evaluated differently.

I feel that the green activist has not been sincere. At first, he cheated by saying he had no political background. Then he showed his true self. Obviously, he was using the green campaign as a stepping stone.

But this supremo of the yellow army has courage. She is responsible. One cannot compare her with the previous guy. I still have respect for her. I only despise political con-man.

Original Source: 有多独立?