More mosques organise Chinese New Year gatherings to reflect religious and racial harmony in Malaysia

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China Press

China Press

(KUALA LUMPUR, 11 Mac) After Chinese New Year gathering organised by Al-Faizin mosque in Kepong, The Muslim Welfare Organisation Malaysia (Perkim) also organised a similar one for more non-Muslims to understand Islamic culture.

Perkim secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Mohd Yusof Noor, in his speech, said the event is to let more people understand Islam and therefore a Chinese New Year celebration was held at Al-Muhsinin mosque.

“This is a good beginning for the public to know that Islam exists with other religions harmoniously.”

Those who attended the event included Perkim vice chairman Datuk Mustapha Ma, vice secretary-general Datuk Hasbullah Isa, committee members Dr Ann Wan Seng, Mohamad Fitri and Maman, public relations officer Datuk Hanif and chairman of the mosque Mohd Fazrin.

Taman Desa residential association chairman Huang Zheng Cai thanked invitation made by the mosque for locals to understand the teaching and culture of Islam.

The organiser invited non-Muslims to visit the mosque and the visitors were treated with halal food. Health screening, talk by Chinese Muslims and also headscarf events are also available at the site.

Ramen (noodle stretching) and Tai Chi performance are also held to attract participation of all races, reflecting the 1Malaysia spirit depicting racial and religious harmony.

The organiser even arranged for master of ceremony to speak in Chinese and Cantonese, explaining the events in detail for Chinese to be at ease.

On 3 March, the Al-Faizin mosque in Kepong organised a Chinese New Year celebration where local folks were served with halal barbecued meat (bakwa) and halal dim sum. The objective is to clear doubts of non-Muslim on Islam.