The days after the 308 election

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This week we are into the 10th anniversary of the 308 general election. We experienced the unexpected political tsunami that year. Barisan Nasional lost four states. The rising opposition parties formed Pakatan Rakyat. They tried rather forcefully in white-washing the theocratic extremist PAS, presenting it as a liberal party fighting for a welfare state. They applied heavy make-up on PAS and started shouting such idealist slogans like freedom of expression, freedom of the press and zero corruption.

As we look back at the last 10 years and recall all those rhetoric, we are surprised to discover that they have not been walking the talk. They eat their words. This is the outcome of the political tsunami. In short, we call it “tokong logic.”

PAS has revealed its true self by submitting the RUU 355 amendment bill in parliament. The Opposition Pakatan Harapan (Pakatan Rakyat) was forced to split but actually, they are still sleeping partners in the Selangor state government which is strange. In addition, a new trend akin to Lee Kuan Yew’s autocratic style emerges in the political arena whereby the opposition cannot query and cannot talk. They are gagged and threatened with legal actions.

We have seen political leaders and the media engaging in a war of words in recent years. The media is often sued. There are people who even use ruler to measure newspaper coverage. They will call a media conference to complain against newspapers for failing to give their news bigger coverage. What happens to the press freedom or freedom of expression they brag about? Have they all been forgotten? Hahaha!

They brag so much about zero corruption. Let’s not talk about the bungalow deal which does not even have a swimming pool and let’s not talk about the RM6.3 billion riddle. Last month, in order to make over what they have called the most corrupt grandpa Mah, they even said the Chinese do not bother much about corruption and thus, they can accept grandpa Mah.

When Pahang was flooded, people immediately said it was due to corruption. When Kelantan was flooded, they said it was due to poor management by the local government. When Penang suffered the worst floods in 30 years, which affected 80% of the area, some of which had it for the first time, they said it was due to natural disaster.

When their former ally PAS was about to submit an amendment bill to the hudud law to parliament, they accused MCA and Gerakan for failing to manage UMNO. They forget that their party has 36 MPs and yet they accused MCA and Gerakan, which together have only nine seats, for failing to play their check and balance. This is “tokong logic!”

When Minister Nazri attacked Robert Kuok with insulting language, a man who claims to be Nazri’s good friend, chose to attack MCA and Gerakan instead. Those unaware of the real situation would think that this man is an ally of Nazri.

When grandpa Mah went against China investment and openly declared that it would stop joint-venture projects with China, this man just said this was grandpa Mah’s personal view and was not representative of Pakatan. But that same person has forgotten grandpa Mah is the prime minister-designate accepted by him.

When Prime Minister shared his experience in eating quinoa, he was attacked for living in luxury. They have forgotten that grandpa Mah keeps 40 horses and fly around in a private jet. Yet they have made him the prime minister-designate to save this country.

Democracy is not blind superstition. It allows people to use their ballot papers in a mature environment to choose the parties to form the government. Democracy cannot be destroyed in the name of democracy. Democracy is not about doing things as you like.

In Malaysia’s political environment, you may be bullied, attacked and cursed in prevalent white terrorism if you disagreed with certain people’s views or offered a different opinion.

Recently, some people find it difficult to accept grandpa Mah as the choice of future prime minister; they were threatened by an unknown group of people on Facebook. They were also insulted by a DAP state assemblyman in a video clip calling them useless people casting void votes.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 308 election, we have to think quietly. Changing the government is not Noah’s ark which we have been looking forward to. Because the Chinese community has been so obsessed, maybe we have gained a little but lost so much more.