Who is the representative of the Chinese community?

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The furor of Malaysia’s richest man Robert Kuok Hock Nien being attacked by UMNO leaders has become increasingly intense and also set off another war of words: Is MCA or DAP the representative of the Chinese community?

In the sarcastic rebuttal to MCA’s statement which demanded him to apologize over the Robert Kuok incident, the Minister of Tourism and Culture Nazri said that as MCA can’t represent the Chinese community, therefore MCA is not eligible to represent the Chinese community demanding him to make an apology.

Nazri further pointed out that only DAP can represent the Chinese community in the country, and the leader of the Chinese community should be DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

Since when was the Chinese community being represented by DAP? Many Chinese are not member of DAP, and DAP is also not a Chinese-based political party, many of its members are non-Chinese, thus it is unfit to say that DAP represents the Chinese community. Moreover, Chinese community in the country has never voted for DAP or Lim Guan Eng as their representative. In that case, how could the Chinese community be represented by the DAP?

Nazri was applying the logic that since DAP had won most of the Chinese constituencies, therefore DAP should represent the Chinese community and not MCA.

It is a fact that DAP has won the largest number of Chinese constituencies, but this does not necessary mean that DAP is the representative of the Chinese community. It is also not correct for MCA president Liow Tiong Lai to insist that MCA is the representative of Chinese community, as the Chinese community has never appointed MCA as its representative, therefore, MCA also cannot claim to represent Chinese community, neither Robert Kuok nor Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Hua Zong) can represent Chinese community.

People’s representative represents all electorates in the constituency

In a democratic electoral system, each person’s legitimate representative shall be the representative of the people of his or her constituency, immaterial whether the representative was from DAP, MCA, Gerakan or even UMNO or PAS.

The people’s representatives are never distinguished by race, but by region. Each people’s representative represents all the electorates in that particular constituency including Chinese, Malays, Indians or other races as he or she is the representative of the electorates elected by them.

Therefore, people’s representative should safeguard the interests of people of multiracial and not merely representing community of his or her own ethnicity. Any people’s representative including non-Chinese whose constituency has got Chinese people, has the right to demand an apology from Nazri on behalf of the Chinese in his or her constituency.

Although UMNO is a Malay-based political party, but during the general election, there are also electorates of other races in the constituencies where its candidates are contesting. Does it mean to say that the people’s representatives from UMNO including Nazri do not intent to represent the Chinese in his constituency to speak out? Are they only prepared to defend the rights of their own ethnic group? If that is the case, then Chinese electorates in their constituencies should support other candidates who are willing to represent them.

If it is really about who has the right to represent the Chinese in the country, I think it is neither Liow Tiong Lai nor Lim Guan Eng. After the general election, all the people’s representatives will gather in the Parliament to elect one of the people’s representatives to run the country from a majority, and the person is the Prime Minister Najib.

Therefore, like it or not, and regardless whether you have voted for Barisan Nasional candidate, indirectly Prime Minister Najib is the legitimate representative of all races in the country including Chinese.

Original Source: 谁是华社的代表?