If Chinese are not united, political situation is worrying, says Lee Chee Yong

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Muar, April 10 – MCA Youth deputy chairman Chris Lee Chee Yong opined that the most worrying thing about the political situation right now is Malay voters may not be split whereas Chinese electorates are definitely not united.

He said if Umno scores a big victory in the general election, the structure of the Chinese in the cabinet would definitely change, the Malay representatives, who are majority in the cabinet, will then dominate cabinet meeting to decide on the policy.

Lee Chee Yong pointed out that Pakatan Harapan rallied together because of their common arch-rival, Barisan Nasional president Datuk Seri Najib, he believed when BN is defeated, PH would not lead the country in team the way BN had been doing.

“Voters, please think carefully before casting your vote.”

He said this after officiating the swearing-in ceremony of the 6th council of the Muar Arts and Entertainment Association.

He said voting orientation is divided into perceptual and rational, perceptual voters follow the trend blindly, rational voters analyze the overall situation of the country, making analysis of candidates’ qualities, ensuring the consolidation of the position of Chinese in the political field of the country.

On the other hand, he called on Chinese, old and young; to take an active part in local community and government development plans briefings, because the motherland belongs to all the people, not to any single ethnic group.

He said when Muar was declared the royal town of Johor in 2012, no Chinese representative attended the public briefing session, the district office was unable to gather the view of the Chinese community in the promotion of a series of thematic activities organized jointly by various ethnic groups; this is a phenomenon that the Chinese community needs to improve.