Election is not a time for voters to vent resentment

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REUTERS/Lai Seng Sin

REUTERS/Lai Seng Sin

The 14th national general election is imminent, public opinion which is evil and with false reasoning emerges from time to time. Some people are shouting all day long with the trend of “saving the country”, “changing the regime”, “changing the government”, “eliminate MCA” and “down with the Barisan Nasional”, seeing themselves as saviors.

This kind of sensational speech must be corrected so as to avoid ruining the democratic spirit.

A democratic election every five year is a step forward. It is not merely to test the achievements of the government in areas such as national economy, social security, infrastructure, security and defence, people’s income, living standards; but it is also the time to verify whether the opposition camp is serving the people or just to show themselves up during the general election. Such progress is also reflected in the spirit of democracy. Is the democratic thinking of the people more mature than in the past?

In a democratic society, the ruling party must face the election and the choice of the voters. So does the opposition party. The ballots will indicate whether a ruling party has done well during its helm.

Therefore, democratic elections are not about clamoring to destroy others, but must put forward good political opinions and ruling ideas in order to convince voters, let voters vote for you.

The opposition party always see themselves as saviors and shouting all day long with the trend of “saving the country”, “changing the regime”, “changing the government” “eliminate MCA” and “down with the Barisan Nasional” etc. which is in contrary to the spirit of democracy. The ruling party, on the other hand, has never uttered such slogans as the elimination of opposition party.

In democratic elections, there will inevitably be loud voices and heated debates at campaign rallies. But political opinions and ideas are the key to winning over voters.

The existence of a democratic system with periodic elections cannot be artificially manipulated as a phenomenon of “changing government”, “eliminating someone” and “overthrowing someone”. Voters should be allowed to judge and test themselves. Human manipulation will split the people and divide society seriously. What the opposition camp must do is to introduce better politics and explain to the people how to deliver them, not just blank cheque, let alone populist ideas to deceive voters at the expense of national development. For example, the opposing camp has indicated that if they win the election they will declare five public holidays. This is a very irresponsible politician mentality.

Who pays for the cost?

How generous it is, but who pays for these? Will it pull down the national economy? Will enterprises lose their competitiveness or even close down? But there is no explanation. Everybody has a clear idea about what will happen. This counter-economic approach and populist trends should be rejected by voters. It is the people, not the politicians themselves, who ultimately will be suffered. Thus, it requires the vigilance of the people and to take it seriously.

Election is not a time for voters to vent resentment, it allows voters to check whether the promises made by the ruling party have been fulfilled based on political views expressed by the party and also whether it has created a better life for the people. At the same time, it is also time to verify whether the opposition party has been sincere in serving the country and the people in the past, and not merely appear in front of the electorates during the general election.

Voters must seize this opportunity to exercise the constitutional right to choose their favorite party or camp to move the country forward.

Only with the economic development of the country can the people lead a better life. Whether it is in the West or in the East, this iron law is applicable to any country and Malaysia is no way to go beyond the law.

Original Source: 选举非选民发泄时机