Fearless of pressure and not cancelling the trip, Lee Chong Wei continues to attend BN rallies

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Guang Ming

Guang Ming

Triang, May 3 – Lee Chong Wei, the number one shuttler in Malaysia who has incurred public wrath for attending Barisan Nasional rally yesterday and under tremendous pressure, did not cancel his trip to meet fans in Triang which attracted 3, 000 supporters.

Yesterday, Lee Chong Wei was in Bentong together with MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai to stage a friendly badminton match and subsequently followed with other friendly matches in Raub and Simpang Pelangai.

After a few hours of physical exertion and driving, he arrived at Triang last night and then continued with the trip to northern peninsula to attend BN’s function this morning.

Although Lee Chong Wei was under great pressure as he has been accused by netizens and also constantly being attacked on the Facebook for attending BN’s rallies, he did not cancel the appointment. Even though feeling tired, he was on the badminton court and showed his heroic killing posture.

Netizens posted comment on internet expressing disappointment on Lee Chong Wei’s attendance at the BN rallies and decided not to lend their support. However, the friendly match still attracted thousands of people pouring into the auditorium of the SJK(C) Triang in order to get a glimpse of Lee Chong Wei.

Earlier, in delivering a brief speech, Lee Chong Wei said he had not been visiting Triang for a long time, he was very happy to be there to meet the public.

Sabri is good friend

He said the incumbent Member of Parliament for Bera Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri was his friend for many years. He had known Sabri as early as 2012 when Sabri was the Minister of Youth and Sports. Now both of them were like brothers, he used to visit Sabri at his house on Hari Raya Aidilfitri.