Is this horse (Mahathir) really competent?

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After having written several articles on politics, my friends asked me why I am writing about politics and not about handicapped people. Why my articles are all against Pakatan Harapan? Even more laughable is people are not aware of my personal experience of being discriminated by a wakil rakyat of certain political party because of my handicap, saying my article is prejudiced against a certain party under Pakatan Harapan!

I have written about issues faced by handicapped people in their daily life and have been invited to talk about problems close to our handicapped people. However, my effort is just one-sided and has not achieved any good result.

The reason is simple. Handicapped people are cold to politics because they don’t have the ballot paper. Even if they have the ballot paper, they may encounter inconveniences at the voting centre or due to lack of transport facilities. As such, they are not very enthusiastic about voting.

Therefore, I have been doing my utmost in trying to express my feelings on the political environment, hoping that I could change the frigidity of handicapped people towards politics and be bold enough to voice our views and make our demands in front of politicians.

Penang is ruled by Pakatan Harapan under DAP. I live in Penang and face all kind of problems daily. Whom should I direct to in my articles then? Has the authorities considered the life of handicapped people in Penang? The answer is no!

Many walkways have been turned into bicycle lanes, posing a great danger to the handicapped people on wheelchair and senior citizens. The empty space in front of the malls has been turned into car parks. The slopes to facilitate those on wheelchairs have gone missing.

I don’t think writing political comments from the viewpoint of handicapped people would cause confusion. Politics is a game of “mutual exploitation” and an “exchange of benefits”.

Handicapped people like us should resign to fate when we see the collusion between DAP and Dr Mahathir. We have no political strength and we have nothing to offer, not even a vote. Of course, we would be marginalized by politicians for sure.

Nevertheless those who voted in support of them are in despair because they couldn’t decide for themselves; they tend to be manipulated. This is the general tendency as people find it difficult to accept opinions different from their well-entrenched thinking. These are die-hard supporters. They will forever give their support no matter he is right or wrong.

After being “cleansed” by DAP, people now believe that Mahathir is the savior of the nation and hope of the people. However, Mahathir has not openly apologized for his mistakes and wrongdoings. He has not repented as it is always difficult for a person to change his character.

A person’s behaviour becomes his habit over the years and habit becomes his character and style. You want me to believe that he has changed? Even Dr Tan Seng Giaw openly said it is difficult for an old person to change his character.

You believe that Mahathir would turn over a new leaf and give us a bright future? I think it is highly probable that he is acting. Many people think that Mahathir is acting. He makes many promises to the people in order to make a comeback.

It is said that nothing is more precious than a returning prodigal son. However, it depends on whether the returning prodigal son is at the end of his rope or at his best condition. Mahathir asks for our help because he is now forced into a dead end alley.