Pakatan uses hatred to incite emotion, says Ong Ka Chuan

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Kuala Lumpur, May 6 – MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan said Pakatan Harapan had been using hatred to incite the people’s emotion, resulting in no one was willing to debate political visions, ideas, platforms and manifesto in a rational and peaceful manner throughout the campaign period.

He said such phenomenon was both a cause for concern and a reflection of immaturity of Pakatan Harapan; due to its inability to present visions, ideas, platforms and manifesto that can reasonably convince voters, they can only attempt to fill the whole election with hatred.

“But we must be vigilant that no one can control hate emotions, hatred will eventually tear the society apart, devour human nature; the Pakatan Harapan approach is extremely irresponsible.”

He said in a statement issued today that the entire election campaign had been in a state of extreme ill health, with violence, slander, bullying, fake news, and curses filled with public opinion from the dissolution of the parliament until now.

“Apart from this, there is no sign of rational politics, which is retrogression to the democratic process in Malaysia.”

He pointed out that hatred politics is a wildfire in the forest. Once out of control, it will burn down the whole forest. No one can handle it. Now the Pakatan Harapan had chosen this way to seize power, demonstrating that they were going to achieve their own political ends at all costs and at the expense of destroying the country’s harmony and future.

“Hatred does not lead to construction, but only destruction, I implore Malaysians to say no to hatred politics, because only when the people realized the heavy cost of hatred politics can this endless disaster be stopped.”