Planting for the wrong fruits

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Many veterans of the previous dynasty who have been lying low for sometimes are emerging one by one; maybe they have been touched by Tun Mahathir. It is said that Tun Mahathir has repented and turned over a new leaf which could possibly lead to a wave of apologies by these veterans who want to redeem themselves to save the nation.

There are two veterans who have not repented. One of them is Pak Lah. He appealed to voters to cast their votes rationally and beware of those strange bed-fellows whose aim is to capture the ruling power.

Ku Li sounds even more interesting. He says Mahathir is blaming Najib for all the wrongdoings he himself had committed. In Chinese it is called the black dog steals the food but the white dog gets the blame.

The offer made by the bosses (the people) is excellent. Whatever bad things committed in the past could be erased off by doing the right thing now. As long as you are out there trying to catch the corrupt ones now, it does not matter how corrupt you were in the past, you are saving the nation.

I think the Koreans are a bit confused. Aren’t they catching the corrupt ones of each and every dynasty? If those in the previous dynasty caught those in the present dynasty but the corrupt ones in the previous dynasty were let off, how could they clear up the mess in history?

Our smart people think differently. We have our unique feature. We believe in waiting for the magical result even how absurd the things we do.

For example, with the return of a dictator, we would have better democracy just like other advanced countries. We believe by supporting a person who has damaged the judiciary system in the past and our judiciary would improve.

We believe with the return of the father of cronyism to power, the civil service would be clean. We believe with the return to power the person who detained people under the Internal Security Act, people would be freed from living in fears.

We believe once the person who rose up on racialism leads the country, the nation would be freed from the curse of racialism.

We also believe if we single-mindedly destroyed Chinese strength in the Government, all Chinese rights and interest would be protected.

There are even people who believe that by kneeling down, they could jump higher.

Original Source: 种瓜却希望得豆