Sending message of not voting for Tan Hong Pin

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Oriental Daily News

Oriental Daily News

In the Chinese community there is not only the anxiety of changing the government but also the need forcing them to vote for Pakatan Harapan. Thus on the grounds of “considering the big picture”, the voters will tend to follow the call to “vote for the party and not the candidate”. Based on such logic, it is sad to see a political party is taking the opportunity to displace or eliminate any dissident in the party.

Among the DAP (Displace Action Party)classical displacements was replacing the incumbent Gan Pei Nei by the Selayang town councillor Chua Wei Kiat. In addition they also removed the Skudai incumbent lawmaker Dr. Boo Cheng Hau by replacing him with Tan Hong Pin, who had lost his way in the Mengkibol constituency.

Irrespective of what standards the party refers to, DAP’s rationale in choosing candidates is difficult to be acceptable by others. If it is based on the rationale that veteran leaders should lead the frontlines, why are star leaders in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur like Tan Kok Wai, Fong Kui Lun, Teresa Kok and Tony Pua no need to come out from their safe areas?

If it is based on good service to the constituents and popularity among the voters, Dr. Boo who has a clinic at the Skudai university city should be nominated to defend his bastion. Why did the party remove him and replace him with Tan Hong Pin? Tan actually was hoping that he would be contesting in high risk marginal seat.

If Dr. Boo’s track record is no good at all, he should be dropped and not to be appointed again. Why did they relocate Dr. Boo to Labis constituency which was already served well by the deputy chief S. Ramakrishnan and Bekok state assemblyman Lim Eng Guan (good track record)?

If it is a good opportunity, everyone will try to seize it. Why did the party intentionally force Dr. Boo to take it? Unfortunately such good gesture was not only rejected by Dr. Boo but by other potential candidates too. Finally the party appointed urgently a long lost former party state chairman Pang Hok Liong to contest in that constituency.

Such illogical or whimsical manner of appointing candidates reflects that the party does not consider the views of the people seriously. They opined that all state or parliamentary seats belong to the party. Hence the party has the absolute right to appoint anyone the party wants to. “No matter how others condemn it”, the party will just ignore.

When facing such arrogant and unscrupulous behaviour of DAP leadership, hopefully the voters in Skudai will have an independent mind-set not to be quiet but to fight back. Use the vote in your hand to reject Tan Hong Pin to send a clear message to the party that the era of total obedience is over.