The horrible “bleaching” process, when will it stop?

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A friend has asked about my experience in writing political articles especially those against DAP which commands 80% Chinese support. Obviously, he must have felt in his heart that I would be torn apart by DAP supporters. It’s right. Even Dr Tan Seng Giaw and Dr Boo Cheng Hau who have served the party for years are called “tumor” or “running dog”, how can a handicapped person like me escape the attack of these short-sighted netizens and fake-democrats?

Education has taught me how to analyze and avoid following others blindly. Thus I have been smeared because of several articles which are not on track with Pakatan Harapan.

But I won’t share their views. With freedom of expression, they have the right to voice their views. In his book about modern day monarchy, the writer Hu Zhong Xin (translated) reminds the readers that in the marketplace, the customers decide on the product. Similarly, in politics, people decide on the kind of government they want. Isn’t the rude and bullying behaviour of the netizens fits the criticism of the writer Hu to the T?

Isn’t the verbal attack between Pakatan Harapan state government headed by DAP and the media and also the court actions reflections of the intimidation carried out by its supporters who are intolerant of dissident views?

As pointed out by Mencius, a senior official or chief officer must take it as his priority to set exemplary behaviour and to act like a gentleman. It is arrogant to insult people or blame people whenever there is a problem.

Such arrogant behaviour is common in Penang. What is intimidation? Intimidation is demanding others to apologize and say sorry regarding some wrongdoings but dismiss the same wrongdoings as trivial if it is committed by he himself, even when the person is being charged in court.

I felt good about DAP before the 308 election and I supported Pakatan before the 505 election. I tried to influence friends to support DAP. However, since DAP accepted former prime minister Dr Mahathir as the head of the “save Malaysia” campaign, and since DAP started the “bleaching” process in the Chinese society to make Mahathir the “national hero” and “national saviour”, my friends and I felt disappointed and resentful.

DAP has thrice carried out “bleaching” process on opposition party and their three leaders, former deputy prime minister Anwar, PAS president Hadi Awang and former prime minister Dr Mahathir.

The problem is the outcome of such “bleaching” process. PAS has grown stronger politically after the “bleaching” process. It has turned out to be a wolf and DAP could do nothing to stop it. Nowadays PAS and UMNO are flirting with each other and discreetly fighting against Pakatan. The Chinese community has been cheated and DAP is the culprit.

DAP now wants to beautify Dr Mahathir. It has forgotten its accusations of the wrongdoings committed by Dr Mahathir during the past 22 years. It wants the Chinese community to support him to save this nation. However, past experience tells us of the flawed character of Dr Mahathir and his dented credibility. DAP can never prevent Dr Mahathir from repeating PAS’ betrayal or breaking of his promises.

DAP has mobilized the party to “bleach” Anwar and Mahathir. It could be sending a strong message to UMNO’s current and future leaders. The message is that future UMNO leaders, no matter how rude they treat the Chinese community or how much they abuse their power, they could be “bleached” and made a hero of the people and a savior of the nation once they join Pakatan.