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Tun Mahathir assists opposition in Malacca to capture Malay areas in planning to take over state government with additional 8 state seats

As General Election is drawing near, opposition parties in Malacca are eyeing to be the ruling

Comparing policies

After the 308 general election in 2008, many politicians from both political divide including their supporters

If you do not want your children to be charged, settle your tax when you are alive

(Kuala Lumpur 19 Sep) A taxpayer who owed Inland Revenue Board (IRB) even RM25 when he

After the floods, what did the official say?

On the 15th of September, 5 districts in Penang were flooded, communication was cut off, trees uprooted,

RUU355 and the Beer Festival

Without any supportive figures, PAS central committee member Riduan Mohd Nor condemned that the beer festival

MCA organises 916 Chinese community patriotic rally, also hands out Chinese awards

(KUALA LUMPUR 12 Sep) A Malaysian Chinese Patriotic Rally will be held at the Putra World

Students drop the difficult Chinese subject in examination

Students drop Chinese in the examination is akin to giving up an opportunity to acquire an

Who should be responsible for those badly maintained roads?

I stay in Selangor. Recently I noticed there were road contractors resurfacing the roads in the

Number of students in Chinese studies in Universiti Malaya increase after open policy is adopted

(Kuala Lumpur 7 Sep) An open policy sees the number of students increase in arts faculty

Ridiculous remark of “China colonizes Malaysia through Investments”

This year we celebrated the 60th Independence Day from British colonial rule. It coincided with the