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Who would win in three-cornered fights?

PAS is prepared for three-cornered fights in the coming election. DAP, Pribumi Bersatu and Parti Amanah

Ali, Ah Kao and Muthu

The three common names Ali, Ah Kao and Muthu are deeply etched in our minds and

First to be targeted

Prime Minister Najib said if there is no peace in the country, the Chinese would be

MACC and Norlela did the right thing

Recently, the focus of news domestically is none other than the illegal operation of the carbon

A successful party

Is the arrogant PAS a successful party? It does not have many MPs or state assemblymen

DAP needs to be more cautious

From the 308 to 505 general elections, DAP fought for Malaysians and even though public support

Don’t give up the nation because of Politics of Hatred

The young generation is the pillars of the nation tomorrow. They are indicators of the progress

Pitiful and yet detestable

The world condemns Myanmar for the genocide of the Rohingya, but Aung San Suu Kyi angrily refuted that

Why agonize yourselves

Finally Anwar said it. He said it is his intention to continue talking about cooperating with

People should choose leaders who are capable and wise

We are into the month of August and people from all walks of life are busy