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Everyone has the responsibility to safeguard religious harmony

A self-service launderette in Muar chooses to service only Muslims for religious reason and has stirred

Never interviewed by the Star: Contents on Robert Kuok accusing Umno are fake

Kuala Lumpur, Sept 26 – During an interview with The Star, Malaysian wealthiest man Robert Kuok

Gerakan calls on JPNIN and NUCC not to remain silence in the wake of Beer Festival and Muslim-only laundry controversies

Kuala Lumpur, Sept 25 – Gerakan vice-president cum Chairman of National Unity Bureau Datuk Dr Asharuddin

No more market for 1MDB

When a national leader makes a diplomatic visit to the superpower, he would consider not only

Will there be a change of heart among Chinese voters

Prime Minister Najib sent two important messages to the Chinese patriotic gathering organized by MCA on

Fusion between fruits and beer

It is illegal to keep fruits and beer in the same refrigerator because they would become

Malaysia becomes the centre of Southeast Asia?

Recently, there was an article mentioned about the surrounding powers are actively courting Malaysia, due to

Mahathir becomes desperate as Najib visits US

Najib is visiting the United States. Is he walking into a trap? Tun Mahathir has said

Pakatan Harapan against China investment? Please make it clear

Pakatan Harapan honorary chairman Dr Mahathir has declared that if Pakatan came into power, it would

Li Keqiang: Malaysia is a trustworthy partner

(Beijing, 30 Aug) Chinese premier Li Keqiang said under the leadership of Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk